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TO NAVIGATE ON OUR HOME PAGE:  Just click on menu topic above.  If you want to zoom in on Ascoli “Google Earth Style” – First pick up this box and move it to the top left of the page.  Then click on the right side of this box and scroll down for more information.  If you click on “more information” you will get a smaller map.  If you want to get back to the home page (full page view of map) click Home Page in the top left corner of the photo of Ascoli Piceno above.  Pull down the Map icon on the left and click on Terrain.  Double click to zoom in on Ascoli Piceno, click and hold to move entire map.  Once you are right on top of the town go again to the left of the page and drag the yellow man and place him over the town.  Purple lines should now become visible.  These are the roads that have been mapped by Google in this area.  Drop your yellow man on any of these roads and you are now in Ascoli Piceno.  The arrows on the page tend to rotate you.  If you want to “drive down a street” set the oval where you want to go and scroll backwards and forwards or use your directional keys.  If you want to get out of the map view altogether, there should be an X in the upper right hand corner or you can click on a different menu page.  Play with it and get familiar with our town!

NOTE:  This works much better with a mouse than a touch pad.  We regret this is not as easy to use as logging directly into Google Earth but will get you into our town.  If you want to drive around the town more, we suggest you log onto Google Earth directly and put Ascoli Piceno, Italy in your search box.

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