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Slovenia.Bled.Us.1.7We are retired, American Expatriates living, full time in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Ascoli is a provincial capital set in the eastern foothills of the Apennine Mountains a short distance inland from the Adriatic seacoast of central Italy. We love travel and learning new things. Our base in Ascoli provides an excellent location from which we hope to continue to explore all of Italy and the rest of Europe. Larry loves photography and history and Arlene loves people and food.  This blog is a means for us to share our enthusiasm with others. Please join us on our adventure.    


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**The photo of us shown above was taken in the Julian Alps of Slovenia at Lake Bled during August 2015.  


  1. Larry and Arlene. We hope you have been well. You met us for drinks at Cafe Meletti in 2017 and you were kind enough to invite us into your home and have dinner with us. I just wanted to let you know that we will be staying in San Benedetto for a few weeks in September. Perhaps a baby step to a longer stay in the future.

    I have been collecting the documents I need to apply for Dual Italian citizenship. I was able to get the birth certificate for my great grandfather Giuseppe in Folignano. Before leaving, we met a woman who turned out to be a relative. Our dear friend Anita made some phone calls, and we ended up meeting many cousins who live in Ascoli Piceno and Grottammare. I am sure we will visit our newly found relatives. Perhaps we can meet again.

    Dave and Julie

    • Ciao David- Of course we remember. It sounds like you are making nice progress on becoming Italians. We have heard from a number of sources that many governmental functions have slowed more than normal, and that was slow by American instant gratification standards. Be sure and let us know when you are heading this way.
      Larry, Arlene and Cesare (capo di casa)

  2. Hi. Have just discovered your blog and am following. My husband and I live in South Africa and are considering a move to Italy as our 2 adult children will probably settle in Europe -eldest already in UK the other going to Germany soon. Italy being an easy commute to visit them and affordable lifestyle are 2 of the practical reasons, the other is a strong pull towards the Abruzzo region, which I have been avidly/obsessively researching for the last 18 months. Love the climate , slow lifestyle/food/people and culture. Luckily I was born in thd UK, my children and I have UK passports. Which may make things easier if we take the plunge. Reasuring to read about likeminded, adventurous people who are leading the way!

    • Thank you Allison- We are responding directly to you. Our feelings about Central Italy and in particular the L’ Marche’ Region and Ascoli Piceno are all over the Blog. We absolutely love it here, even now after two years. Thanks for the interest!

  3. Love your blog

  4. Hi Arelene and Larry.It was so nice to meet you both over the Christmas Holidays.I have just checket out your Blog a couple of days ago and I am so jealous, wish I could be their.Have a ball and hopefully see you both in the Summer. x Jackie

    • It was great to meet you too! We look forward to more good times this summer with you.

  5. Hi Arlene and Larry –

    My wife and I enjoyed an evening out recently for dinner and wine with Max and Lynne and they told us about your adventure. I am so happy for you both and know that over time you will settle in and have more friends come knocking on your door than you could ever imagine. Enjoy everything Italy has to offer. I have been there three different times. Happy New Year!!!
    Dennis & Peggy Campbell

    • Nice to hear from you and we are enjoying everything Italy has to offer. Where are you traveling now?

  6. Hi we are friends of laura melloni who told us about you. We have had a house in Ascoli for 7 plus years, the ground floor apartment and garden where laura lives.
    If you are interested in meeting up let us have your phone numbers.
    In any event reserve oct 21 at 6pm for the reception for my exhibition…….see first portfolio on my website.
    best Mike freedman

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