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Movers arrive a week from today!  We just got our international drivers licenses this morning and stopped by our bank to let them know that we’d be banking from Italy for the foreseeable future.  For the really curious, below is a link to a video of our first apartment for 60 days @ 40 Euro a night in an old (as in Italy old) stone building in the historical center of Ascoli Piceno.  This is a holiday rental – fully furnished with everything you need, plus a weekly change of linens and cleaning.  It is one big room so the bedroom is an open loft above the kitchen area.  Notice the stone vaulted ceilings and how they must retrofit electricity through conduit on the stone walls.  There is no air-conditioning and it will be July/August, so we will test how well the medieval cooling system of thick stone walls works (with modern fans as back-up).   It is just a couple blocks off the main piazza so we can walk to everything.  If we end up liking Ascoli Piceno enough to make it our home base, we will search on foot for our next apartment with probably a two year lease.  The girl ( in her 40’s) who owns this rental lives next door and works in her family’s restaurant nearby – yes – our first restaurant connection!

Once on the site, click on the British flag in the upper right corner to translate the site into English.  Click here to view silent video.


  1. love your website very professional and interesting had a look at your new apartment i know the area well my sister in law lived a few minutes from you in via tribu fabia many moons ago!!!

    • So good to hear from you. I hope we can meet up sometime in the near future!

  2. Holy MARY!!! Officially JEALOUS!!!!

    • Good! Start saving your money. Love and miss you.

  3. Arlene and Larry,
    The place looks wonderful. I like that contrast of stone and modern features. I’m wondering if you have a towel warmer in your bathroom? If so, that will be much appreciated on cold winter days.
    “Goda di!” Hope I said that right.


    • I think those are really bathroom radiators but are used to warm towels as well. The apartment is wonderful but is essentially a cave with a door and window and it is getting very confining. So we stay out most of the time.

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