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Photos- ExPats in Ascoli

Photos- ExPats in Ascoli

By on Aug 5, 2013 in Portfolio | 2 comments


  1. Wonderful photos of your Ascoli! Love the night shots with all the activity. You’ve certainly captured the essence of place. The plaza looks reflective like it may have just rained. And, now I see what you mean by the graffiti. What a shame. How do the residence feel about the marring of their historical buildings and bridges?

    The Communal Laundromat is a hoot. I can just imagine all the gossip that took place there. Looks like there is still water flowing. Where is the source? A spring perhaps?

    • Thanks Jennifer. The shine on the Travertine Marble pavement is from the continuing polishing done over the ages by countless feet. As to why some pictures show so few people, it is because they were taken during the hottest time of the day when a rewording of the old statement applies; ‘When the sun is the hottest, only mad dogs and American ExPats with cameras are outside!’ I can’t say whether any of the laundry areas are still used. I think it is less likely but I would not rule it out completely. As to the water source, as we understand it, the Romans were pretty advanced in providing fresh water to neighborhoods and developed piped sewage systems. What is fascinating is that over the years, the ancient infrastructure has been maintained and improved upon. One of the pictures shows a neighborhood water point. Even the very decorative fountains in one of main squares is used as a source for safe drinking water on hot days. Regardless of a very tight fiscal situation here (as as elsewhere) there is nearly constant repair and upgrading to infrastructure going on. Makes for a stable and reliable sense of community, provides employment and gives a sense of civic pride. Looks like there is something here to think about in what ‘Investment’ really means.

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