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As you can imagine, even after almost a year of planning and preparation the last week in San Diego was frantic. In addition to getting the packing done (and one last sort to get rid of what had to be deemed as surplus) family and friends were picking up large items they were acquiring and “shopping” from the various food, household and clothes items we weren’t able to take, all while saying our bittersweet goodbyes. The tough decision (ladies you will understand just how tough) was made early on that as far as clothes items went – that if we did not take it to Italy – it was out. Only the sentimental clothing items went into the one wardrobe box that went into storage. I’m pretty sure we would not have gotten it all accomplished without the kindness and help of some very special people whom we must thank here. Thank you Roberto for the loan of your truck and Deb & Linda (who bought our Lexus) for the inspired idea of trading us for your van with the seats out. Thanks to Sarah & Scott (Hannah & Simon), Lisa & Roger (Josh & Kenny), KJ, Christin, Manny and Sam V. for picking up what you needed to when you needed to. And to Lisa & Arianna and Sarah for dropping everything to pick up stuff we had to jettison at the last minute. Grazi mille!

So off we went to the Hilton Harbor Island for the last two nights with ten (yes 10) bags to check at the airport not counting our four carry-on. As shipping out-of-season clothes was found to be cost prohibitive (at about $500 per box) it was decided to take everything with us. After the four free checked bags allowed between us it was only $150 each to check additional bags, as long as they did not exceed the size and weight requirements, up to 10 checked bags per person. In order to make room for the remaining computer equipment, Larry’s minuscule assortment of tools and enough computer cables to circle the earth twice we still had to jettison three more pairs of shoes (hope housekeeping could use them) and have Sarah pick up one last box of items that ultimately were not worth taking compared to weight overage fees. For those who gave us funny looks, we just told them we were a famous rock duo, but I’m not sure they believed it.


  1. Did all your bags actually land simultaneously with you?
    Street address of PO box so we can send letters via snail mail post?

    • Yes, everything made it through the plane change and arrived with us.

  2. I cannot imagine culling the huge amounts of stuff Ned and I have accumulated over the past 43 years down to an amount we could carry on to a plane. How are you settling in? I’ve been thinking about you lots in the past week and a half. I hope this turns out to be everything you’ve hoped for. Can’t wait to hear more.


    • That was jut the clothes, computer equipment , files and other necessities. Everything else we own is in a 10’x15′ storage unit and our safe deposit box in San Diego.

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