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Caterina’s American Breakfast:

I did the typical American thing, making dishes that required out-of-season fruits and vegetables.

Blood orange juice
Ina’s Garten’s roasted asparagus with scrambled eggs
Bacon (pancetta affumicata)
Ina’s chive biscuits
Ina Garten’s fruit salad with wine and mint

Our first party menu:

For our first party menu I decided I wasn’t going to try and out-Italian the Italians with local dishes. Instead I decided to have a traditional American meal served in Italian courses. (Members of our Barefoot Contessa Supper Club should recognize, and even may have cooked, some of these recipes.) I started cooking dishes on Wednesday and had a delightful time in my new kitchen for three days. By spreading it out I didn’t have to make but three dishes each day, yet everything was fresh. Everyone seemed to appreciate it because when I put a new course on the buffet table there was a loud “Ahhhhhhh” and many took photographs. I finally had to tell them to stop photographing and start eating because the food was getting cold.

Wines, beer, Coca Cola


Ina Garten’s panfried onion dip with chips and veggies
Ina’s roasted rosemary cashews
Ina’s crostini with tuna tapenade
Arlene’s deviled eggs
Ed Mayes’ crostini neri
Frances Mayes’ red peppers melted with balsamic vinegar


Arlene’s baked beans


Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with all the fixings


Ina’s blue cheese cole slaw


Ina’s hot apple crisp served with vanilla gelato from a local shop


Lemoncello, Meletti & Averna liquors


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  1. Oh you are making me so hungry!!

    Any photos of your new place?

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