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By on May 24, 2015 in Portfolio | 3 comments

1.Expo.1 copy

Tree of Life – Night Show


1.5.Expo.21 copy

Tree of Life – Day View


10.Expo.14 copy

USA Pavilion

1.7.Expo.22 copy

Expo Overview

2.Expo.17 copy

The Decumano – Expo Fairway



Malaysian Pavilion

4.Expo.15 copy

Russian Pavilion

5.Expo.11 copy

Chinese Pavilion

6.Expo.12 copy

Chinese Terra-Cota Kitchen

7.Expo.16 copy

Kuwait Pavilion

8.Expo.Japan.1 copy

Japanese Table Setting


Kazakhstan Dancers

10.5.UK.Expo copy

UK Pavilion Detail

12.Expo.20 copy

Japanese Pavilion Detail


Southern Italian Cooking Demo

14.Expo.8 copy

Souther Italian Musical Accompaniment


15.CirqSol.1 copy

Cirque du Soliel


Cirque du Soliel



Cirque du Soliel


Italian Wine Display



  1. Fabulous experience ,looks great fun

  2. Wow…great photos! Wonderfully sharp images.
    I’m assuming that you took these Larry? Have you discovered NIK software yet?

    The pavilions are architectural wonders in themselves. Just wondering how long did it took for the various countries to set up their displays. It appears the US did not have as impressive pavilion as the other countries?

    • Hi Jennifer- Thank you for the kind comments. Yes I did them with the smaller CX Nikon processed through Adobe. The big challenge was pretty steady rain. What was shot was during brief pauses. Even at the Cirque du Soliel there was a very light rain in the open air theatre. The pavilions were a marvel of architectural invention. Particularly as they were intended to be able to be erected on an essentially temporary basis. We thought the American pavilion a bit disappointing. Pretty unimaginative. The cafe’ on the roof top was pleasant but served only Italian products and Carlsberg beer.
      Even the very excellent Blues Band that was performing was all Italian. But we are in low budget times.

      Warm regards.

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