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Out of Fashion?

Out of Fashion?

By on Jul 13, 2013 in Fashion | 2 comments

Not here.  Here they are into retro big time!  We have only been here two weeks and last night was the third night we have enjoyed this Medieval Pageantry and there will be more tonight. It seems they do this all through July and August as part of a reenactment of events that happened here in the 1500’s. These awesome costumes come with lots of marching in the streets, music, flag throwing, jousts and members of local families, young to old, participate. The costumes are exact replicas from the time and very beautiful, expensive and may I say HOT – these are the hottest months of the year here. All the more reason to admire their investment, dedication and stamina.


  1. The couple featured in your photo look like they just stepped off of a Shakespearean stage.

    To be so surrounded in art and culture must be wonderful.

    • I thought I had answered you, but know I don’t see it. Anyway, yes it is wonderful and I hope we never take it for granted like some locals do.

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