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Photos – Carnevale 2014  (A Story in Pictures)

Photos – Carnevale 2014 (A Story in Pictures)

By on Mar 18, 2014 in Portfolio | 2 comments


  1. Oh my! Looks like great fun with lots of fun people kids and pets. The photos are wonderful and definitely tell the story. I especially like the “Fall of the Singing Nun” and her downfall. Well…guess girls just like to have fun!

    The costuming is so elaborate and creative….and amusing. I especially like that “tourist couple”.

    • You are so right – girls just wanna have fun! The whole Carnevale scene and how “out there” and funny these people can be was a real kick. The number of residents that get fully involved (like the Quintana) is amazing to me. Someone explained to me that the “tone” of Carnevale is different city-by-city. For example, Venice’s Carnevale is more elaborate and serious. Ascoli’s is more lighthearted and fun with lots of satire. It sure makes the time between Natale and Pasqua (Easter) fly by. It’s already Primavera (spring)!

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