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This was my first joust, so I didn’t have a clue what to wear. Since we were in the expensive seats (50 Euro each), certainly we should consider our bella figura. The weather actually made the decision for us. Since it was so hot and humid I wore a sundress I purchased before we left home and Larry wore a nice pair of shorts and shirt.

Since the last fashion post we have made some more observations. Mature local men and women rarely wear shorts in town, except during the dog days of August. The women mostly wear sleeveless tailored shifts and sundresses when it is really hot so next year I’ll have to get some. My legs were delighted when August arrived and I could set them free in shorts.

Now the younger folks are a different story. The guys don’t really wear baggies (thank goodness, I hate them). They wear a closer fit short that stops just above the knee, this year with the cuff turned up, and in bright colors. (All the better to show off their tight bun.)  The only baggies I have seen are on tourists from other countries. If not wearing tees, they wear polo shirts with the collar up, often with the designer name printed on the back of the upturned collar. Most wear Converse/Vans type tennis shoes in bright colors. Many guys have a haircut which is closely shaved on the sides and front with the top cut to about two inches. Not a mohawk, more like a small field of hair on top. I think it’s dumb looking, but I’ve seen worse.

The girls/young women wear shorts that sometimes barely begin, but if longer end mid-thigh. There is also a newer fashion emerging that, until now, I had only seen on lovely Caterina (who was obviously on the cutting edge of fashion). Harem pants, starting low on the hips, loose and gathered at the bottom or crossed over the front of the leg, are being seen more frequently now that more tourists have arrived. The trend is spreading fast and I don’t blame them for quickly discarding those uncomfortably tight pants. There is also a shorts version that is looser with a band around the hem that chinches them in. Many girls are still wearing short slouchy boots with their shorts, but their feet must be awfully hot. The remainder are wearing gladiator sandals or brightly colored tennis shoes.

As with many young girls at home, under tanks and tees bras of contrasting colors are worn with straps and backs in full view. The only difference is here women of every age do it. I went rouge the other day and wore a black bra with a white tee, breaking every rule I’ve been taught, but no one noticed.


  1. I am looking for the photos of the jousting horses. We are in the midst of a terrible heat wave; 90’s and 100’s for the last 11 days AND it’s humid.

    Miss you like crazy!

    • They are at the end of the photos in under “Portfolio” called Quintana. Miss you too!

  2. Have you found some good boutiques yet? Are there larger clothing stores in the vicinity? I’m also curious about how the Italians develop their tastes in styles.

    • Well, remembering that 90% of Italy’s businesses are privately owned, most stores here are small shops and many quite expensive. I have been concentrating on buying items for the new apartment, so I haven’t gotten my head into any personal shopping. However, I’m sure to regret this because the sales end in a few days and clothing and shoes are now 60-80% off. If you want to shop an H&M or other larger stores you must travel to Rome, Ancona or Pescara, and these excursions are common practice. I’m just guessing here because I really don’t know where the Italians develop their tastes in styles. Maybe with Milan being a fashion capital, the local fashion trends are developed from there.

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