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In a separate post, we discussed our trip to Verona just before Christmas. We had previously enjoyed Padua and planed to see Verona, and we were delighted with the experience. The choice of timing was to get a sense of how different towns in Italy celebrate the Christmas Festival. Italy is a curious mixture of reverence for their culture which bears a distinctively Christian imprint while carrying out their lives in a generally ‘secular’ manner.

Perhaps there is an inherently deep respect in Italy for their cultural history with so much of it bearing the Christian imprint. Whatever the root, one of he joys of life in Italy is the ready access to and respect for its artistic cultural history. And then, coming from a homeland which traces its political origins only back some four hundred years, we also recall that our American roots for many of us, were in Europe. So we are immigrants in Europe from the so-called ‘new world’ but in many respects we are here to discover roots from this part of the world that are very likely to be in our DNA as well. Perhaps, that is another reason we feel comfortable here.


  1. Love your pictures , love Verona it’s such a walkable city

  2. Lovely city. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Larry…Beautiful photos. When visiting Europe, I too, feel comfortable…as though I’ve been there before. It feels like going home again. You are lucky to be living with so much beauty and history. Having your DNA researched is all the rage right now.

    • Thanks Jennifer- I have a speculation that at some point in the future, our comprehension of the extremely complex chemistry of DNA may reveal we have inherited traits and possibly even imbedded memories from our distant family trees. We attribute behaviors to other animals as instinctual but we haven’t quite gotten our heads around the idea that our DNA probably speaks to us in ways we don’t yet grasp.

      I recall that song from “My Fair Lady” that goes something like, “I have often walked down this street before.” Some of us have had that sensation in places we hadn’t been to before in this life. So, who knows but it is one more facet that makes life interesting.

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